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The pages on this James Franck Institute website are produced with the authority of the Institute. Web pages for this site may be identified by their URLs beginning http://jfi.uchicago.edu/*, where * is any character except ˜.

A faculty committee oversees this site and reviews its content periodically. We receive the information we provide from various independent sources. We try to assure the accuracy of this information, but do not certify its accuracy. Also we link to many outside sites that we don't maintain. If you have a comment, correction, or suggestion about one of our JFI pages, we'd be very happy to hear from you. Please note the URL of the web page in question. Please send your suggestions, corrections, and other correspondence regarding the site content to Karen Pinc, kpinc@uchicago.edu.

The server computer for this site is operated by the JFI computer staff. To report technical trouble with the server, please contact manager@control.uchicago.edu. As of 2/15/02 we have noticed difficulties in viewing this site with the Mozilla browser running under unix and with Netscape 6.2.1 . If the navigation links in the header above are causing trouble with your browser, try going to the link in the footer below called "Text navigation for JFI website" .

This site was developed by Matthew Aron and Stacey Shintani of the University's web services department under the guidance of T. Witten of the JFI faculty. The site was launched on February 14, 2002.

2/21/02: You'll notice several features of this site listed as "forthcoming". We have a number of further things to add and improve over the coming weeks. ---T. Witten

We hope you will find this site useful.

T. Witten, faculty co-ordinator

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