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7/17/2014 - Greg Engel and Norbert Scherer named NSSEF Fellows

“Greg Engel and Norbert Scherer have both been named as National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellows. This program, which is run by DARPA, provides substantial grants to leading researchers from U.S. universities to conduct long-term, unclassified, basic research of strategic importance to the Department of Defense. Greg and Norbert are among a group of ten new NSSEF Fellows chosen from around the country."

For more details please see: Research & Engineering Enterprise: CTO's Corner

7/15/2014 - "Knotty Thrills" - NOVA (PBS) - Irvine Lab.

Please click the picture above to watch the youtube video.

"Three physicists untie a 150-year-old tangle of a puzzle."

Irvine Lab
William Irvine, Dustin Kleckner and Martin Scheeler

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