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    PhotoDr. Edward Barry
    Visiting Scientist
    Works with Prof. Heinrich Jaeger.

    Dr. Edward Barry joined Prof. Heinrich Jaeger's group in December 2011 as a postdoctoral scholar. Starting in July he became a Visiting Scientist from Argonne. Ed completed his Ph.D with Prof. Zvonimir Dogic at Brandeis University and began working in the field as a Research Assistant in the Complex Fluids Group at the Rowland Institute at Harvard. His Ph.D research focused on the Colloidal Self-Assembly of Liquid Crystals, Membranes, and Ribbons, using filamentous viruses (bacteriophages) as building blocks. His current research at JFI focuses on the Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles.  (773) 702-6075
      GCIS E035
    Jaeger Lab

    PhotoDr. Jacek Dudowicz 
    Senior Scientist
    Works with Prof. Karl Freed.

    Theoretical, statistical thermodynamical studies of liquid state polymers represent an important scientific tool in modern polymer physics. One of our interests lies in predicting the thermodynamic properties of multi-component polymer mixtures, such as phase behavior, miscibility, or neutron scattering intensity as a function of monomer structures, temperature, pressure, and blend composition. Another interest focuses on the equilibrium polymerization that is a paradigm for clustering transitions occurring in numerous systems, ranging from various nano-particle filled materials to proteins in living organisms. An illustrative example of this research is provided by our recent description of the equilibrium polymerization of actin.   (773) 702-5835
      GCIS E237

    PhotoDr. Peter Eng
    Senior Scientist
    Advanced Radiation Sources

    (Personal Profile)   (773) 702-2064 (campus)
            (630) 252-0424 (ANL)
      Acc 207

    PhotoDr. Alexey Galda
    Research Scientist
    Works with Prof. Kathy Levin.

    Research Scientist Alexey Galda joins Prof. Kathryn Levin's Group.   (773) 702-pending
      GCIS E pending pending

    PhotoDr. Kevin Drew Gibson
    Senior Scientist

    As a member of the Sibener group, my interests involve studying gas-surface interactions. The main tool for these studies is an ultra-high-vacuum chamber that allows us to expose the surface of interest to gases from three independent molecular beams. Reactions at the surface, and the energy, angular distribution, and identity of any scattered or desorbed atom or molecule can be determined. Recent experiments have examined the oxidation of benzene and the translational energy dependence of methane decomposition on Rh(111). We have also studied the surface reactions of atomic O, examining the partial oxidation of adsorbed organic compounds, and the modification of the transition metal surface. The latter allowed us to grow a novel, dense water overlayer. Currently, we are studying the scattering of gases from organic monolayers. Future work will measure the surface reactions of atomic O at high kinetic energies, a problem for objects in low-earth orbit.   (773) 702-7205
      GCIS E022

    PhotoDr. Qiti Guo
    Senior Scientist

    Dr. Qiti Guo joined Professor Emeritus Ole Kleppa’s group in 1992, working on experimental thermochemistry. He has determined the standard enthalpies of formation for more than 150 intermetallic compounds of early transition metals with late transition metals and with noble metals. In 1998, he accepted a job offer from the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) and has been in charge of the Materials Preparation Laboratory (MPL) since then. His research interests include: (1) Applications of Scanning Probing Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy to materials research. (2) Application of electron beam lithography to materials research. (3) Thermochemistry of intermetallic compounds and mixed oxide systems, using high-temperature reaction calorimetry. (4) Theoretical analysis of topological structures of phase diagrams for systems of n+3 phases (n stands for the number of independent components of the systems), with emphasis on the interrelationship between phase chemography and phase diagram topology. (5) Topological relations in systems of more than n+3 phases. He is also responsible for training students and postdocs for operating SEM, AFM/STM and other MRSEC shared facilities in MPL.   (773) 702-7811
      GCIS ESB09

    PhotoDr. Binhua Lin
    Senior Scientist

    Dr. Lin obtained her Ph. D in Physics at Northwestern University in 1990 and joined Professor Stuart Rice's group as a postdoc the same year. In 1994, she became a beamline scientist at Consortium for Advanced Radiation Sources (CARS), University of Chicago. She is in charge of liquid surface/interfacial scattering experimental station in ChemMatCARS at the Advanced Photon Sources, Argonne National Laboratories (CheMatCARS is a national synchrotron x-ray facility for chemistry and material sciences). Her research interests in CARS are on surface/interfacial structural and dynamic properties of soft materials, and systems of interests include Langmuir monolayers, polymer/metal nano-particle composites, and liquid metals. Dr. Lin also conducts research in James Franck Institute on the behaviors of colloidal suspensions confined in one-dimensional narrow channels. Digital video microscopy is used for the experimental measurements, and synchrotron x-ray static/dynamic scattering techniques are to be used in the future measurements. She is studying the effects of the confinement on the diffusion and ordering of the colloidal spheres in the channels.   (773) 702-9942
      GCIS ESB06B

    PhotoMr. Andrew Oriani
    Research Specialist
    Works with Prof. David Schuster.

    Andrew Oriani is a research specialist and cryogenics engineer working with Dr. David Schuster on more efficient dry dilution refrigeration systems to support CQED and low-temperature research. Andrew has a BSE in applied engineering physics from Case Western Reserve University, and has previously assisted in research at Cornell University's Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics, and Case Western's department of physics, where he has worked on projects ranging from non-linear crystal dynamics to thin-film crystal growth techniques. Andrew also has a BA in art history from Case Western Reserve University.   (773) 702-7210
      GCIS E026  Schuster Lab

    Photo Dr. Meishan Zhao
    Senior Scientist  

    Dr. Zhao is a senior scientist working with Professor Stuart Rice. His research includes active control of quantum dynamical processes, the properties of solid-liquid and liquid-vapor interfaces, especially the structure of liquid-X interfaces of metals and alloys, quantum mechanical reactive scattering, unimolecular reaction rate theory, as well as relativistic quantum mechanics. Dr. Zhao is also working as the director of general chemistry laboratories.   (773) 702-7065 
      Kent 208 

    Postdocs -
    Postdoctoral Scholars and Postdoctoral Fellows

    PhotoDr. Brandon Anderson
    Works with Prof. Kathy Levin.

    I am a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Chicago under Kathy Levin. My research covers a variety of topics in many-body physics of condensed matter and cold atom systems. Specific topics include Bose and Fermi superfluids, synthetic gauge fields and synthetic spin-orbit coupling, topological physics. I have recently started working on pseudogap phenomena in a cold atoms context.

    Before coming to Chicago I was a postdoc at the Joint Quantum Institute under Charles Clark. I received my PhD from the University of Maryland working with Victor Galitski.   (773) 702-3102
      GCIS E 110 Kathy Levin Group

    PhotoDr. Ying Bao
    Works with Prof. Norbert Scherer.

    Postdoctoral Scholar Ying Bao joins Prof. Scherer's Lab.   (773) 702-1877
      GCIS ESB 022 Scherer's Group

    PhotoDr. Delphine Coursault
    Works with Prof. Norbert Scherer.

    Postdoctoral Scholar Delphine Coursault joins Prof. Scherer's Lab.   (773) 834-1877
      GCIS ESB 022 Scherer's Group

    Photo Dr. Kinjal Dasbiswas
    Works with Prof. Suri Vaikuntanathan.

    Kinjal joined the JFI in October 2015 as a postdoctoral scholar in the Vaikuntanathan group. His interests lie in soft matter physics, particularly the application of continuum theories of matter and statistical physics to biological systems such as cells. His prior postdoctoral projects at the Weizmann Institute with Prof. Samuel Safran explained a link between the structural order and beating of heart muscle cells and showed theoretically how mechanochemical processes may govern cellular development in a controlled manner. He obtained a PhD in theoretical condensed matter physics from the University of Florida in 2012.   773-702-2347
      GCIS E203 Vaikuntanathan Lab

    PhotoDr. Itay Gdor
    Works with Prof. Norbert Scherer.

    Postdoctoral Scholar Itay Gdor joins Prof. Scherer's Lab on June 1, 2016.   (773) 702-pending
      GCIS E pending Scherer Group

    Photo Dr. Jacob Graham
    Works with Prof. Steven Sibener.

    Jacob Graham joined JFI as a postdoctoral scholar in Prof. Steven Sibener's group. He earned his PhD from Johns Hopkins University in Prof. Kit Bowen's group where he studied negatively charged nanoparticles and clusters. In Dr. Sibener's group, Jacob is currently exploring surface phonons through inelastic helium atom scattering.   773-702-7207
      GCIS E001B, Lab: E019 Sibener Lab

    Photo Dr. Abhijit Hazarika
    Works with Prof. Dmitri Talapin.

    I have joined Prof. Dmitri V Talapin’s group as a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Chemistry at the James Franck Institute, University of Chicago. I did my PhD at the Solid State and Structural Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. My PhD research was in the area of the synthesis and photophysical properties of manganese doped colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals. The main focus of my research has been on the understanding of fundamental electronic, optical and structural properties of semiconductor nanomaterials and development of new materials for the application of light emitting and photovoltaic devices.   773-834-4149
      GCIS E247 Talapin Lab

    Photo Dr. Daniel Hexner
    Works with Prof. Sidney Nagel.

    Postdoctoral Scholar Daniel Hexner joins the Nagel Lab.   773-702-7204
      GCIS E038 Nagel Lab

    PhotoDr. Barbara Hissa
    Works with Prof. Margaret Gardel.

    Research Professional Barbara Hissa joins Prof. Gardel's Lab.   (773) 834-9160
      GCIS W 309F Gardel's Group

    PhotoDr. Glen Hocky
    Works with Prof's Dinner and Voth.

    Glen joined JFI as a Kadanoff-Rice Postdoctoral Scholar after receiving a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from Columbia University. In his Ph.D. research, he studied connections between structure and dynamics in supercooled liquids with Prof. David Reichman. His postdoctoral research interests broadly involve the applications of techniques from statistical mechanics and molecular modeling to better understand the mechanisms behind biological processes, particularly those involving interactions between macromolecules.   (773) 834-8463
      GCIS E 137 Dinner Group and Voth Group

    PhotoDr. Xinzheng Lan
    Works with Prof. Dmitri Talapin.

    Postdoctoral Scholar Xinzheng Lan joins Prof. Dmitri Talapin's Group.   (773) 702-pending
      GCIS E pending pending

    PhotoDr. Zhiyue Lu
    Works with Prof. Aaron Dinner.

    In 2016, Zhiyue joined JFI as a postdoc in Aaron Dinners group in 2016. Before that, Zhiyue graduated from Christopher Jarzynski's group in University of Maryland with a PhD degree in Chemical Physics. Zhiyue's research covers various topics in non-equilibrium statistical physics. Currently, Zhiyue focuses on designing models and developing numerical tools to help one better understand and analysis non-equilibrium processes in chemical reaction networks, information processing, biological processes and many other interesting phenomena. Some of the tools involved in his research are stochastic thermodynamics, fluctuation theorems, non-equilibrium umbrella sampling (NEUS), diffusion Monte Carlo (DMC) and so on. For more detail, please visit Zhiyue's research webpage:   (773) 702-7232
      GCIS E 126 Dinner Group;
    Personal Web page

    PhotoDr. Sayantan Majumdar
    Works with Prof.'s Margaret Gardel and Heinrich Jaeger.

    Sayantan joined JFI in 2013 as a Kadanoff-Rice postdoctoral scholar working jointly with Prof. Margaret Gardel and Prof. Heinrich Jaeger. Currently, he is interested in mechanical memories in bio-polymer networks and shear induced jamming transitions in dense non-Brownian suspensions. Sayantan obtained his PhD in 2013, working with Prof. Ajay Sood at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. During his PhD, he worked on rheological properties of soft matter systems, specifically, low Reynolds number instabilities, large deviation theorems and jamming transitions.   (773) 834-9160
      GCIS W 309 Gardel's Group

    PhotoDr. Mickey McDonald
    Works with Prof. Cheng Chin

    Mickey McDonald joined the JFI as a Postdoctoral Scholar in September of 2016, shortly after obtaining his PhD at Columbia University in New York. During his PhD he worked with Tanya Zelevinsky on research involving precision measurements and manipulation of ultracold 88Sr2 molecules, including quantum state-resolved photodissociation (laser-induced “molecular explosions”) and the effects of applied magnetic fields on molecular structure. He is currently working with Cheng Chin to develop a platform for quantum simulation via precise positioning and imaging of large arrays of individually addressable atoms.   (773) 702-1218
      GCIS ESB 09B Chin's Lab

    PhotoDr. Samuel Penwell
    Works with Prof. Andrei Tokmakoff.

    Postdoctoral Scholar Samuel Penwell joins Prof. Andrei Tokmakoff's Group.   (773) 702-pending
      GCIS E pending pending

    PhotoDr. Stephane Perrard
    Works with Prof. William Irvine

    Postdoctoral Scholar Stephane Perrard joins Prof. Irvine's Lab.   (773) 702-7204
      GCIS E027 Irvine's Lab

    PhotoDr. Brian Rolczynski
    Works with Prof. Gregory Engel.

    Postdoctoral Scholar Brian Rolczynski joins Prof. Engel's Lab.   (773) 702-7432
      GCIS E 001F

    PhotoDr. Menahem Rotenberg
    Works with Prof. Kathy Levin.

    Postdoctoral Scholar Menahem Rotenberg joins Prof. Bozhi Tian's Group.   (773) 702-pending
      GCIS E pending pending

    PhotoDr. Shiva Safaei
    Works with Prof. David Mazziotti.

    Postdoctoral Scholar Shiva Safaei joins Prof. David Mazziuotti's Group.   (773) 702-pending
      GCIS E pending pending

    Photo Dr. Nicholas Schade
    Works with Prof. Sidney Nagel.

    Nicholas Schade joined Prof. Sidney Nagel's group as a Postdoctoral Scholar in October 2015. His research interests range from soft materials out of equilibrium to exotic electromagnetic phenomena. Nick earned his Ph.D. in physics at Harvard University in 2015 for experimental research with Prof. Vinothan Manoharan on colloidal self-assembly as a new fabrication route for optical metamaterials.   773-702-7204
      GCIS E038 Nagel Lab

    PhotoDr. Yuanyuan Wang
    Works with Prof. Dmitri Talapin.

    Postdoctoral Scholar Yuanyuan Wang joined Prof. Talapin's group in 2014. He received his Ph.D in inorganic chemistry at Washington University in St.Louis with Prof. William E. Buhro. His Ph.D research focused on II-VI Colloidal Semiconductor Magic-size Nanoclusters and Crystalline Quantum Platelets.   (773) 834-4149
      GCIS 247G Talapin's Group

    PhotoDr. Xiaolei Wang
    Works with Prof. Norbert Scherer.

    Postdoctoral Scholar Xiaolei Wang joins Prof. Scherer's Lab.   (773) 702-1877
      GCIS E pending Scherer Group

    PhotoDr. Kimberly Weirich
    Works with Prof. Margaret Gardel.

    Postdoctoral Scholar Kimberly Weirich joins Prof. Gardel's Lab.   (773) 834-9160
      GCIS W 309 Gardel's Group

    PhotoDr. Shu-Hao Yeh
    Works with Prof. Greg Engel.

    Postdoctoral Scholar Shu-Hao Yeh joins Prof. Greg Engel's Group.   (773) 702-pending
      GCIS E pending pending

    PhotoDr. Yuval Yifat
    Works with Prof. Norbert Scherer.

    Postdoctoral Scholar Yuval Yifat joins Prof. Scherer's Lab.   (773) 834-1877
      GCIS ESB 022 Scherer's Group

    PhotoDr. Wookyung Yu
    Works with Prof. Karl Freed.

    Postdoctoral Scholar Wookyung Yu joined Prof. Freed's group. He received his Ph.D. in physics at the Pusan National University in South Korea where he worked on protein folding and bioinformatics. Now, he is working on protein folding and allosteric transition of a protein.  (773) 702-7223
      GCIS E226
     Freed's Lab

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