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Our research concerns physical chemistry, condensed matter physics, and materials chemistry. The James Franck Institute is the paradigmatic interdisciplinary research institute in the U.S. fostering forefront research at the boundaries between these disciplines. Much of the theoretical and experimental research in the institute concerns the physics and chemistry of solids and liquids with emphasis on statistical physics, chemical dynamics, nanoscience, materials chemistry, nonequilibrium phenomena, quantum phase transitions, chemical kinetics, molecular beams, surface phenomena, polymer chemistry and physics, biophysics, and dynamical systems.

The links above lead to more detailed accounts of our research. The Faculty link lists the research interests of each faculty member. The Research Highlights show some of our recent discoveries. These correspond to the small square images on the JFI home page. Much of our research is carried out through collaborative initiatives: the Materials Center is funded by the National Science Foundation. Also, the Joint Theory Institute Visitor's Program is jointly supported by the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory to enhance collaborative research between both institutions in the broad area of theory. Their links above give a current account of their research.

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