Recent Papers Rejected by Journal


  1. Constructions of Scientific Knowledge, Leo P. Kadanoff. Submitted to Critical Inquiry (2002). txt, pdf, word.doc

  2. Field's Chocolate, Leo P. Kadanoff and Nora K. Flynn. (2002). pdf, ps, word.doc

  3. Murder on the New Jersey Express, Leo P. Kadanoff (2002). pdf, ps, word.doc

  4. Global and Local: Synchronization and Emergence, Leo Kadanoff, Mogens H. Jensen, unpublished (2012) pdf

  5. The Election is Over ... Science Won ... Now What?, Leo P. Kadanoff (2009). pdf

  6. Phases of Matter and Phase Transitions From Mean Field Theory to Critical Phenomena, Leo Kadanoff (2009). pdf

  7. Expansions for Eigenfunctions and Eigenvalues of Large-n Toeplitz Matrices (June 2009) pdf