Recent Talks about Scientific Knowledge


  1. Reflections on Gibbs: From Statisical Physics to the Amistad (APS Meeting, March 3, 2003 pdf

  2. Slichter/Condensed-Matter Celebration (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, October 2004 pdf

  3. History of Critical Phenomena (Amsterdam, November 2006 in the ceremony for the Lorentz Medal) pdf

  4. APS, Physics: Aspirations and Goals (APS meeting, April 13, 2008 and to be published in APS News, July 2008) pdf

  5. APS Museum Presenttion 2009 pdf

  6. Perimeter Lecture Notes September 2009 pdf

  7. Phase Transitions: Scaling, Univerality and Renormalization (April 2010) pdf