Jazz Xtet

November 2008 Concert

Guest artist: Jimmy Ellis
Guest conductor: T. S. Galloway

November 2006 Concert

Guest artist: Franz Jackson

Please note: During the recording process, these tracks suffered severe clipping, which produced their distorted sound. Because of this damage, I have not posted losslessly-compressed files. The losses due to MP3 compression are minor compared with those already inflicted by clipping.

March 2006 Concert

Guest artist: Ari Brown
Special guest appearance: Nicole Mitchell

On file types: FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files are large, but lossless, compressed audio files. They should be digitally-perfect copies of the CD, which should be a (near) perfect copy of the DAT tape. If you want to play around with mastering, you should use these files. The MP3 files are lossy, but about 5 times smaller. Minor balancing and volume edits have been made on them. They should be fine for listening for all but the most discriminating listener.

March 2005 Concert

Guest artists: Edward L. Wilkerson, Jr., and Thurman Barker

December 2004 Concert

Guest artist: Corey Wilkes