Conference on Novel Quantum States in Condensed Matter

September 1-3, 2010

University of Chicago Center in Beijing



The conference will focus on the theoretical and experimental works on the study of novel quantum states in materials and cold atomic gases. Topics will include topological phenomena in electronic physics, symmetries and states in the fractional quantum Hall effect, physics of  graphene, and correlated atomic states. Historically, some of these topics have been developed independently, but a great convergence has emerged in the recent years. All these novel states have fundamental significance for physics, material science, and nanoscience, as well as potential applications in electronics and quantum information technology. The workshop aims to bring together experts in these fields from the United States, Japan, Korea, and from the broader academic community in China to discuss the unifying themes behind different concepts.


The conference will be held at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing located in the Haidian District.


The conference is made possible with generous support from:

The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago Materials Research Center

Chinese Collaborating Institutions

Fudan University

Institute of Physics

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Peking University

Tsinghua University

University of Science and Technology, China

University of Hong Kong

Zhejiang University

Invited Speakers

Alexander Abanov (Stony Brook)

Wu Biao (Peking University)

Parsa Bonderson (Microsoft)

Qijin Chen (Zhejiang University)

Eugene Demler (Harvard)

Rui Du (Rice)

Hongjun Gao (Institute of Physics)  

David Goldhaber-Gordon (Stanford)

Duncan Haldane (Princeton)

Zahid Hasan (Princeton)

Hongwen Jiang (UCLA)

Xiaofeng Jin (Fudan University)

Phillip Kim (Columbia)

Leonid Levitov (MIT)

Yongqing Li (Institute of Physics)

Li Lu (Institute of Physics)

Andreas Ludwig (UC Santa Barbara)

Mikhail Lukin (Harvard)

Takashi Mukaiyama (Tokyo University)

Kenneth Ohara (Penn State)

Jianwei Pan (USTC)

Wei Pan (Sandia)

Mark Rudner (Harvard)

Junren Shi (Peking University)

Boris Spivak (Washington)

Shunqing Shen (Hong Kong University)

Z.X. Shen (Stanford)

Ashvin Vishwanath (UC Berkeley)

Xin Wan (Pohang/Zhejiang University)

Yong-Shi Wu (Utah)

Dingyu Xing (Nanjing University)

Qikun Xue (Tsinghua)

Eric Yang (Korea University)

Li You (cold atom, Tsinghua/Georgia Tech)

Yue Yu (Institute of Theoretical Physics)

Hui Zhai (Tsinghua)

Guangming Zhang (Tsinghua)

Shoucheng Zhang (Stanford)

Fang Zhong(Institute of Physics)

Bangfen Zhu (Tsinghua)