Dam Thanh Son

Professor of Physics

Dam Thanh Son
ACC 201
(773) 834-9032
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I have a broad research focus encompassing several areas of theoretical physics. The first area is string theory, to which we apply gauge-gravity duality in the physics of the quark-gluon plasma and other strongly interacting systems. Another is nuclear physics, where we research properties of the hot and dense states of matter, such as the quark gluon plasma and dense quark matter (color superconductors). We also research condensed matter physics, specifically physics of the quantum Hall system, graphene, and Weyl semimetals, and applications of quantum field theory. In the area of atomic physics, we research many-body physics with cold trapped atoms, BCS-BEC crossover, and applications of quantum field theoretical techniques.

Topics: Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Black Holes, Atomic and Condensed Matter Particle Physics

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