Dr. Kevin Drew Gibson

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Dr. Kevin Drew Gibson
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As a member of the Sibener group, my interests involve studying gas-surface interactions. The main tool for these studies is an ultra-high-vacuum chamber that allows us to expose the surface of interest to gases from three independent molecular beams. Reactions at the surface, and the energy, angular distribution, and identity of any scattered or desorbed atom or molecule can be determined. Recent experiments have examined the oxidation of benzene and the translational energy dependence of methane decomposition on Rh(111). We have also studied the surface reactions of atomic O, examining the partial oxidation of adsorbed organic compounds, and the modification of the transition metal surface. The latter allowed us to grow a novel, dense water overlayer. Currently, we are studying the scattering of gases from organic monolayers. Future work will measure the surface reactions of atomic O at high kinetic energies, a problem for objects in low-earth orbit.