Heinrich Jaeger

Professor of Physics

Heinrich Jaeger
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A main theme of my research is the investigation of materials under conditions far from equilibrium. Such conditions give rise to a wealth of complex phenomena, while the insights gained can be used to control properties as well as design new classes of smart materials. One of our focuses is macroscopic granular matter, which exists almost exclusively under far-from-equilibrium conditions. The jamming/unjamming transition of macroscopic granular matter has become a model for understanding glassy behavior while also providing a path to discovering new types of high-efficiency particulate materials and enabling novel soft robotic systems. We also focus on the rheology of dense suspensions. Our third focus is drying-mediated self-assembly of nanoparticles, a process that we use to produce freestanding nanoparticle monolayer sheets. Such sheets can form ultrathin membranes with a tunable pore size.

Topics: Nanoparticle, Suspension, Colloid, Self-Assembly, Electron Microscopy, Scanning Probe Microscopy, Video Imaging, Particle Tracking, 3D Printing, Lithography, Rheology, X-Ray Tomography, Ultrasound

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