Luping Yu

Professor of Chemistry

Luping Yu
(773) 702-8698
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Research in the Yu group focuses on interdisciplinary areas between chemistry and materials science. We are interested in the development of new polymerization methods for the synthesis of functional polymers. This includes the development of new materials for energy chemistry, including hydrogen storage and organic solar cells, electro-optical polymers, ferroelectric materials, and biocompatible polymers. We are actively investigating the synthesis and characterizations of molecular electronic components so that charge transport through single molecules can be manipulated via rectification and gating effect. Biomolecular electronics is a newly initiated project that deals with the interaction between molecular electronic components and living cells. New surface reactivity and supramolecular approaches were developed for self-assembly of nanostructured materials.

Topics: Functional Polymers, Molecular Electronics, Supramolecular Chemistry, Self-Assembly, Ferroelectrics