Steven Sibener

Professor of Chemistry

Steven Sibener
(773) 702-7193
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The Sibener Group’s research interests lie in the broadly-defined categories of chemical physics and physical chemistry, surface and materials chemistry, polymer dynamics, nanoscience, and water sustainability. Innovative use of sophisticated gas–surface scattering instruments and atomic-resolution scanning probe microscopes combined with appropriate theory and numerical simulations have led to advances in these areas of research. The unifying mission in the Sibener Group is to expand understanding of interfacial phenomena at the molecular level to applications such as energy and water systems, and hypersonic flight systems.

Topics: Surface Reaction Dynamics and Energy Transfer, Surface Metallurgy and Metallic Oxidation, Self-Organization of Molecular and Polymer Films including Chiral Systems, Surface Dynamics of Polymers, Superconducting Radio Frequency (SRF) Materials for Advanced Accelerators, National Security with Focus on Trace Gas Detection and Chemical Defense, Water Purification, Ice Chemistry in Terrestrial and Astrophysical Environments, Functional Nanomaterials for Energy Applications, and Electronic and Vibrational Structure of Nanoscale Electronic Interfaces

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