Stuart Rice

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Stuart Rice
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Currently, my research interests lie in two broad areas: active control of quantum dynamical processes, and the properties of confined liquids. In the first category, the goal is to develop theoretical understanding of methods in order to achieve control of quantum dynamics, with specific application to selectivity of product formation in a chemical reaction. At present, the focus of the research effort is on extending the theory of control to reactions in condensed media and developing a version of the general theory that is useful when applied to large molecules. In the second category, the aim is to understand the structure and transport properties of confined liquids (e.g., liquids constrained to occupy a quasi–two-dimensional domain). Questions of interest are: How do the structures of the liquid and solid in a confined system, and the phase changes that occur in the confined system, depend on the intermolecular potential and geometry of the confinement? How do the structural and dynamical properties of quasi–one- and quasi–two-dimensional liquids differ from each other and those of a three-dimensional system? What interesting far-from-equilibrium structures (e.g., novel phases) are supported in confined liquids?

Topics: Chemical Physics

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