Heinrich Jaeger is the William J. Friedman and Alicia Townsend Professor of Physics at the University of Chicago. He received his Ph.D. in physics in 1987, under Allen Goldman at the University of Minnesota, working on ultrathin superconducting films.  After a postdoc at the University of Chicago 1987-89, Jaeger spent two years at the Centre for Submicron Technology of the University of Delft in The Netherlands. He has been on the faculty at Chicago since 1991, directing the Chicago Materials Research Center from 2001 – 2006, and the James Franck Institute from 2007-2010. Jaeger’s current research focuses on investigations of self-assembled nanoparticle-based structures, on the rheology of dense suspensions, and on studies of the packing and flow of granular materials.

Professional Preparation:

University of Kiel, Germany                       Physics             Vordiplom                     1979
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis        Physics             M.S.                              1982
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis        Physics             Ph.D.                             1987
The University of Chicago                         Physics              Postdoctoral Fellow      1987–1989

William J. Friedman and Alicia Townsend Professor of Physics, The University of Chicago, 2010 –

Director, The James Franck Institute, 2007 - 2010
Director: UC-ANL Consortium for Nanoscience Research, 2001 - 2010

Director: University of Chicago Materials Research Center, 2001 – 2006

Professor: The University of Chicago, 2000 - 2010
Associate Professor: The University of Chicago, 1996 - 2000
Visiting Professor: Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, 1994
Assistant Professor: The University of Chicago, 1991 - 1996

Senior Researcher: Centre for Submicron Technology, TU Delft; The Netherlands, 1989-‘91

Honors, Awards and Fellowships:
Quantrell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, 2006; University of Minnesota Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award, 2002; Fellow, American Physical Society, 2002; Research Corporation Cottrell Scholar, 1994; Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow, 1992; David and Lucile Packard Fellow, 1991; Arthur H. Compton Lecturer, University of Chicago, 1988; James Franck Fellow, University of Chicago, 1987; University of Minnesota Dissertation Fellowship, 1986; Fulbright Scholarship 1981.

Synergistic Activities: (1) Service to the scientific and engineering community: co-Chair, 2011 Soft Condensed Matter Gordon Conference; Member, NRC/NAS CMMP2010 working group, 2006-07; Member, External Advisory Board, CIMAT, Chile, 2005-08; Member, Scientific Advisory Ctte., Argonne Center for Nanoscale Materials, 2003-; Editorial Board: Granular Matter; Co-Organizer: Frontiers of Science Symposium 2000, Nat’l Acad. Sciences. (2) Informal Science Education & Outreach Activities: annual Physics with a Bang! public lectures with Sid Nagel; since 1997 joint educational activities with the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry (MSI), the largest science museum in the Midwest; Member, Essential Science Task Force, Chicago MSI, 2003-8.  (3) International cooperation in materials research: 2003-08 PI on an international exchange program connecting US and Latin American efforts in materials research. (4) Activities aimed at broadening the participation of underrepresented groups in science: 2005-08 Chair, Physical Sciences Division Committee on Diversity at U of Chicago; initiated collaborative research program between U of Chicago and three HBCUs in Louisiana involving student-faculty teams, 2005.

Graduate Advisor: A. M. Goldman (U of Minnesota)

Postdoctoral Advisors: T. F. Rosenbaum  &  S. R. Nagel (U of Chicago)

Graduate Students advised (total number:  25 plus current):   

Current: Endao Han, Victor Lee, Kieran Murphy, Leah Roth, Yifan Wang

Postdoctoral Associates advised (total number:  14 plus current)

Current:  Sayantan Majumdar (co-mentored with M. Gardel)

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Photo by Stephen J. Serio