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updated October 20, 2010 by TW

If you are an undergraduate, your visit to Chicago will be similar to our successful Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. We expect that your visit will occur during your summer break---January-March. Here are the steps we anticipate.

  • Check our Web sites: From these sites, you should get an idea of what projects look interesting to you. We have newer researchers and projects not shown on these sites.

  • Tell us about your interest Write an email to Prof. Witten telling about your interest. The letter is supposed to give him and the Chicago professors an idea of what you would like to do and how you might help them. Tell us We suggest that you depart on Thursday December 30 through Saturday January 1, 2010. The airplane ticket seems cheaper on the Thursday. Your work would begin on Monday , January 3. You should plan to stay at least until March 12, 2011. Do you have any conflicts with that schedule? If so, maybe we can arrange a different schedule.

  • Provide Visa Information When we reply to your letter, we'll send an email with many routine questions needed for us to get you a United States visa and enroll you here as a special student. If you return this form right away, it will enable you to get a visa on time. To speed the process, we ask you to answer these questions even before we have definitely accepted you for an internship. Visas are arranged through the University's Office of International Affairs. Our administrator Ms. Pegg Anderson is in charge of this process. Her contact information is here:
  • Meet us. We Chicago people would like to meet you so we can get an idea of how you could fit into our research. We'll arrange a remote meeting with you in Prof. Mujica's or Cerda's office, using their computer. In this meeting you will talk to your prospective Chicago supervisor about what projects would be suitable.

    After acceptance

  • When we have accepted you, we'll write you a letter inviting you to come. We'll send you the government form that you need to obtain a visa from the embassy in Santiago (see below).

  • Prepare to come here
  • Work on your English. Every bit of English skill that you gain before coming will make your internship more successful and fun. Read web pages in English. Listen to English language news broadcasts. Practice talking English with your professors and colleagues.

  • Get some sun, bring warm clothes. You will miss some summer months that you would normally have. Compensate by spending extra time outdoors before you come here. Bring warm clothes. The temperature in Chicago will be well below freezing for most of your stay.

  • Read about your upcoming project. Often your supervisor can recommend background reading so you can get familiar with the research area before coming.

    Payments and arrangements for your visit.

    We make the necessary arrangements for you to live and work here. Here is a summary including what we pay and what you pay.

    After you arrive

    There are some administrative things to take care of when you arrive. We will accompany you for these procedures. You will need: your passport, the letter of invitation from Prof. Witten, your visa issued by the US State Department, and your immunization form.
  • At the airport You will go through airport passport control when you first land in the US. This is usually in Dallas or Miami. The passport authorities check that you have the valid visa forms. We normally come to get you at the Chicago airport and bring you to the International House to check in.
  • On your first working day
  • After a few days,

    -----T. Witten 10/27/10