Topological Aspects of Quantum-Coherent States in New Materials

October 14-15, 2011

University of Chicago



The workshop will focus on the theoretical and experimental studies of topological aspects of quantum-coherent states in new materials. Topics will include topological phenomena in band insulating materials, fractional quantum Hall effect, and p-wave superconductors. Historically, some of these topics have been developed independently, but a great convergence has emerged in the recent years. All these novel states have fundamental significance for physics, material science, and nanoscience, as well as potential applications in electronics and quantum information technology. The workshop aims to bring together experts in these fields from these fields to discuss the unifying themes behind different concepts.


The conference will be held at the University of Chicago, Kersten Physics Teaching Center, Room 206, 5720 South Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637.

Invited Speakers

Andrei Bernevig (Princeton)

Rafi Budakian (UIUC)

Yong Chen (Purdue)

Gabor Csathy (Purdue)

Rui Du (Rice)

Duncan Haldane (Princeton)

Zahid Hasan (Princeton)

Patrick Lee (MIT)

Li Lu (Institute of Physics)

Phuan Ong (Princeton)

Andreas Ludwig (UC Santa Barbara)

Mansour Shayegan (Princeton)

ZX Shen (Stanford)

Steve Simon (Oxford)

Mike Stone (UIUC)

Dale Van Harlingen (UIUC)

Xincheng Xie (Peking)

Ali Yazdani (Princeton)

Shoucheng Zhang (Stanford)


Paul Wiegmann


Woowon Kang


Ilya Gruzberg



The conference is made possible with generous support from:

The University of Chicago Materials Research Center

The Argonne National Laboratory