I did my undergraduate work at Harvard (physics). I got my start into research as an assistant in Howard Stone's group.  I then did Part III of the Mathematical Tripos in Cambridge, England. ("Otherwise known as the longest running academic examination still in existence.  The Chinese imperial examination endured longer, but has not survived to the present day.")  During the summer after Part III I worked with John R. Lister on self-similar dynamics in thin-film flows.  I went on to get a Ph.D. in Engineering Science with Howard A. Stone at Harvard's Division of Engineering & Applied Sciences (now renamed SEAS).  After Harvard, I did a 9-month postdoctoral fellowship with Leo P. Kadanoff at the University of Chicago, and then spent another postdoctoral year at Harry Swinney's Center for Nonlinear Dynamics (CNLD), U.T. Austin.  Since fall of 2003 I have been an assistant professor at the University of Chicago.