JFI Seminar - Jacob Johansen - Continuum - AMO - Trapped Ion Quantum Computing and Fast Loading at Quantinuum

11:00 am–12:00 pm W301/W303

929 E. 57th Street

Chicago, IL 60637

Quantinuum is a company focused on quantum computing, including hardware, software, and theory. We are working to scale trapped ion quantum computers and to build the highest performance quantum computers in the world. I will discuss the as yet unreleased H-2 system, which builds on the strong record of the H-1 systems. I will then consider trap loading as one of the challenges in scaling trapped ion quantum computers and discuss my work toward solving this problem using two-dimensional magneto-optical trapping. Using this method, we demonstrate a 3 order of magnitude improvement in our loading rate.

Event Type

JFI, Seminars

Sep 1