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Invited speakers and discussion leaders

speaker or discussion leader institution current subject of lecture* as of       
Igor AltfederHarvard UniversityVirtual Quantum Dots in Thin Films of Polyvalent Metals 6/18
Harry AtwaterCaltech "Plasmonics: Photonic Devices in Nanostructure Arrays that Beat the Diffraction Limit" 3/31
David AwschalomUniversity of California, Santa Barbaracancelled, see Min OuYang below 5/29
Sam BaderArgonne National Laboratory"Opportunities in Nanomagnetism" 12/02
Paul Barbara University of Texas, Austin "Conformational control of energy and charge transfer in conjugated polymers" 11/30
Paul ChaikinPrinceton University"Macroscopic Alignment of Polymer Patterns for Nanolithography" 6/14
Dongmin ChenRoland Institutecancelled, see Igor Altfeder 6/18
Milton ColePenn State Universitydiscussion leader 4/14
Leonid Glazman University of Minnesota "Electron Relaxation in Nanowires with Magnetic Impurities" 3/30
Philippe Guyot-Sionnest University of Chicago discussion leader 4/7
Peter Green University of Texas, Austindiscussion leader 3/27
Andreas Heinrich IBM San Jose"Molecule Cascades: controlling the motion of molecules on surfaces" 3/31
Franz Himpsel University of Wisconsindiscussion leader 4/2
Heinrich JaegerUniversity of Chicago Electronic hopscotch: how electrons move through nanocrystal arrays 5/29
Alan "Charlie" JohnsonUniversity of Pennsylvania discussion leader 6/12
Charles KaneUniversity of Pennsylvania "Excitons in Carbon Nanotube Fluorescence Spectroscopy" 3/25
Victor KlimovLos Alamos National Lab"The Ultrasmall-Quantum-Dot Paradox: Light Amplification and Lasing from Non-Emissive Species" 4/10
Leonid LevitovMITdiscussion leader cancelled. See Alan Johnson 6/11
Robert MagerleUniversitaet Bayreuth, Germany"Pattern formation in thin films of block copolymers"4/8
Douglas NatelsonRice University discussion leader 6/2
Paul McEuen Cornell Universitydiscussion leader 3/27
Min Ouyang UC Santa BarbaraMolecular Spin Bridges: the "Wiring" for Spin Communication between Colloidal Quantum Dots 5/30
Hongkun ParkHarvard University"Single-molecule transistors"3/24
Dan RalphCornell University"Quantum States in Metal Nanoparticles and Single Molecules"4/1
Michael RubinsteinUniversity of North Carolinadiscussion leader4/14
Jacob SagivWeizmann Institute of Science"Coming to Terms with Molecules and Atoms--Toward a Viable Chemical Methodology for the Bottom-up Fabrication of Nanodevices" 4/3
Tamar SeidemanNorthwestern Universitydiscussion leader 4/8
Kunio TakayanagiTokyo Institute of Technology"Chiral Metal nanotubes" 12/01
Edwin L. ThomasMassachusetts Institute of Technology "Rack and Roll - getting things organized using block polymers and gradient fields." 4/30
T. Mitch Wallis University of California, Irvine"From Single Atoms to Metallic Chains" 12/05
R. Bruce Weisman Rice University"Optical Spectroscopy of Carbon Nanotubes in Surfactants: A Probe of Environmental Effects on Electronic Properties 3/25
Paul S. Weiss Pennsylvania State University"Measuring and controlling molecular-scale properties for single molecular devices"4/17
Ellen D. WilliamsUniversity of Maryland."Surface lability: How, why and when surfaces reorganize to form self-patterned substrates "4/14
Gerard WongUniversity of Illinois, Urbana Biological complex behavior of simple ions near biopolymers 5/29

* ? in subject means it is not cleared with the speaker
"..." means title given by speaker.

other discussion leaders remain to be invited