Past Events


Thierry Emonet

CompinSci Seminar: Thierry Emonet (Yale University)

12:15–1:15 pm KPTC 206

As part of the Computations in Science Seminar series Thierry Emonet (Yale) will give a talk titled “Odor Motion Detection by an Olfactory System Aids Navigation of Turbulent Odor Plumes.”

May 18

JFI Seminar/Closs Lecture: Teresa Head-Gordon (University of California)

3:45–4:45 pm GCIS W301/W303

Physics-Inspired Machine Learning Methods: A Status Report on Predictive Chemistry

May 17

CQE Seminar: Kathy-Anne Brickman Soderberg (AFRL)

1:00–2:00 pm William Eckhardt Research Center

Chicago Quantum Exchange is hosting a seminar with Dr. Kathy-Anne Brickman Soderberg (AFRL). Her talk is titled “Quantum Networking at the Air Force Research Laboratory.”

May 12

JFI Seminar: Bianxiao Cui (Stanford University)

3:45–4:45 pm GCIS W301/W303

 Bioelectronics: ultrasensitive and flexible detection of neuroelectric signals using light

May 10

JFI Colloquium: David DeMille (UChicago)

3:45–4:45 pm GCIS

David DeMille, Professor, Department of Physics and JFI, University of Chicago.

Professor DeMille will give a talk titled “Ultracold Polar Molecules as Quantum Tools” as part of the JFI Colloquia Series.

May 3

JFI Emerging Frontiers: Grant Rotskoff (Stanford)

2:00–3:00 pm GCIS

Dr. Grant Rotskoff will give a talk titled “Learning High-Dimensional Functions for Rare Events Sampling In and Out of Equilibrium” as part of the JFI Emerging Frontiers Seminar Series.

Apr 27