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Sixth year of the Chicago Chile Exchange

May 31, 2009

Annual reports from years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

The year begininng June, 2008 marked the sixth year of the Chicago-Chile Materials Collaboration, which started in August, 2003. This is the first year under the four-year renewal begun in June 2008. In June-December, 2008 five University of Chicago students did internships in Chile. In January a Chicago PhD student made a one-month visit to continue his productive collaboration. In January-March, 2009, six Chilean students did ten-week internships in Chicago. Two U of C faculty made trips to our Chilean partners in October 2008 and May 2009. In June 2009 five U of C undergrads will begin internships in Santiago. A PhD student will begin his research visit in July. Since May 2008 collaborations spawned by this program bore fruit in publications in Nature [1], Science [2], Nature Materials [3] Soft Matter [4], Journal of Physics D[5], and Proceedings of the Royal Society A [6].

Chicago students in Chile June-December 2008

Chileans in Chicago: January-March 2009

Faculty visits

In September 2008 Prof. Witten the PI of this project participated in the Seventh Annual meeting of the Brazilian Materials Society the behest of the NSF. He extended his trip to visit our partners in Chile. He spoke with the students slated to come the following January and saw the emerging research projects being developed at the Universidad de Chile and at Universidad de Santiago. In May 2009 Prof. Ka Yee Lee spoke at a research meeting organized by our Chilean partners. She spent two extra days in discussions and lab tours at Universidad de Chile and Universidad de Santiago. With Prof. Cerda she planned the next work under their ongoing collaboration on the wrinkle-to-fold transition in biomembranes. The grant paid for her international airfare. A week-long visit by Prof. Melo of Universadad de Santiago was planned, but had to be cancelled because of schedule conflicts.

Chicagoans in Chile, June-December 2009