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Ninth year of the Chicago Chile Exchange

June 16, 2012

Annual reports from years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

The year begininng June, 2011 marked the ninth year of the Chicago-Chile Materials Collaboration, which started in August, 2003. This is the final year under the four-year renewal begun in June 2008. In June-August, 2011 eight University of Chicago students did internships in Chile.  In January-March, 2012, three Chilean students did ten-week internships in Chicago.  The number was reduced because of a student strike in Chile, as detailed below. Two Chilean assistant professors made week-long research visits to Chicago.   In June/July 2011 six U of C undergrads will begin internships in Santiago, the anticipated number under the program.

Chicago students in Chile June-August 2011

name year
project *
Brian Dresner
Prof Cerda, USACH
measured permeability of a polymer film via dissolution of a submerged bubble. 
Francisco Fonta
Prof. Hamm, USACH forcing stretching ridges by hydrostatic pressure, video measurements of shape, measuring work of buckling
Arthur Hernandez
Prof. Mujica, UCHILE
set up apparatus and measured chaotic motion of a ball bouncing on a vibrating plate via video analysis
Michael Malus
Prof. Vivanco, USACH visualized grain movement in granular silo geometry. Used LabView and Matlab to compute fabric tensor from video frames, took extensive data for later analysis
Jeffrey Shahanian
Prof. M-L Cordero, UCHILE reworked an experiment on acoustic interactions of macroscopic bubbles.  Found preliminary evidence of this interaction.  Identified difficulties in making decisive measurement.
Peter Choong Hwa Shin
Prof. R. Cordero, USACH determined the effect of ultraviolet light on the modulus of several species of fruit cuticles. 
Alexander Turzillo
Prof. Soto UCHILE simulated granular explosions nucleated by a single grain of small mass
Hillel Wayne
Prof. Lund, Prof. R. Espinoza, UCHILE exploring x-ray scattering signatures of dislocation lines in metals.  Obtained improved agreement between literature theories and experimental diffraction line-shape data. 

*  From debriefing session with students and solicited email from advisor

Chileans in Chicago: January-March 2012

Recruiting/welcome reception. We continued our practice of organizing a reception for the students, their research groups and prospective interns from Chicago on February 24. About 50 people attended. The Chilean interns served as hosts. 

Faculty interactions

The Chicago co-ordinator invited two junior faculty members from Chile to spend week-long research visits to Chicago.  Claudio Falcon of UCHILE, who studies structured growth patterns and chaotic waves visited in August, 2011.  Eugenio Hamm of USACH, who studies buckling patterns in thin sheets, visited in November.    The two met the Chicago faculty, visited labs and group meetings and gave research seminars.  Each expressed commitment to the program, and each agreed to take over as the co-ordinator of the program at his institution, by mutual agreement with the exisiting co-ordinators, Profs. Mujica and Cerda.  Prof. Hamm was the Chicago co-ordinator's main contact in arranging the internships described below.

Chicagoans in Chile, July-September 2012


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