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Eighth year of the Chicago Chile Exchange

June 13, 2011

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The year begininng June, 2010 marked the eighth year of the Chicago-Chile Materials Collaboration, which started in August, 2003. This is the third year under the four-year renewal begun in June 2008. In June-August, 2010 seven University of Chicago students did internships in Chile.  In January-March, 2011, seven Chilean students did ten-week internships in Chicago.   In June 2011 eight U of C undergrads will begin internships in Santiago.  In both directions the program has sustained a size beyond the anticipated level of six per year.

Chicago students in Chile June-August 2010

Chileans in Chicago: January-March 2011

Recruiting/welcome reception. We continued our practice of organizing a reception for the students, their research groups and prospective interns from Chicago in February. About 50 people attended. The Chilean interns served as hosts. They decided on the food to be served and decorated the room. They prepared a slide show of Santiago to entice prospective interns. The Chilean students seemed to welcome this task.  The annual reception will be continued.

Faculty interactions

The interaction between Prof. Cerda's group at USACH and Prof. Lee's group here has continued to flourish.  Prof. Cerda made a week-long collaboration visit in summer 2010.  During his visit he recruited a new supervisor at Chicago: the distinguished neurophysiologist Francisco Bezanillo.  In addition Prof. Witten's PhD student used an improved simulation technique to model an experiment by Prof. Hamm.

Chicagoans in Chile, June-August 2011


Publications generally result from these internships only years after the internship is done.  This year we identified the following publications.  The name of the intern or faculty member involved appears in bold face.

Author(s): Royer, JR (Royer, John R.); Oyarte, L (Oyarte, Loreto); Mobius, ME (Moebius, Matthias E.); Jaeger, HM (Jaeger, Heinrich M.)
Title: Rupture and clustering in granular streams
Source: CHAOS, 19 (4): Art. No. 041103 DEC 2009

Author(s): Royer, JR (Royer, John R.); Evans, DJ (Evans, Daniel J.); Oyarte, L (Oyarte, Loreto); Guo, Q (Guo, Qiti); Kapit, E (Kapit, Eliot); Mobius, ME (Moebius, Matthias E.); Waitukaitis, SR (Waitukaitis, Scott R.); Jaeger, HM (Jaeger, Heinrich M.)
Title: High-speed tracking of rupture and clustering in freely falling granular streams
Source: NATURE, 459 (7250): 1110-1113 JUN 25 2009

Author(s): Leahy, BD (Leahy, Brian D.); Pocivavsek, L (Pocivavsek, Luka); Meron, M (Meron, Mati); Lam, KL (Lam, Kin Lok); Salas, D (Salas, Desiree); Viccaro, PJ (Viccaro, P. James); Lee, KYC (Lee, Ka Yee C.); Lin, BH (Lin, Binhua)
Title: Geometric Stability and Elastic Response of a Supported Nanoparticle Film
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 105 (5): Art. No. 058301 JUL 30 2010

Author(s): Pocivavsek, L (Pocivavsek, Luka); Leahy, B (Leahy, Brian); Holten-Andersen, N (Holten-Andersen, Niels); Lin, BH (Lin, Binhua); Lee, KYC (Lee, Ka Yee C.); Cerda, E (Cerda, Enrique)
Title: Geometric tools for complex interfaces: from lung surfactant to the mussel byssus
Source: SOFT MATTER, 5 (10): 1963-1968 2009

Weakening of a thin shell structure by annihilating singularities (article)
Author Walsh, Lee; Ruben Meza; Eugenio Hamm;
Journal: J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys
Year: 2011 Volume: 44 Pages: 232002 Doi:10.1088/0022-3727/44/23/232002